Mystery, Suspense, & Thriller

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A Meadow in Saanich

Kaiya is a pragmatic woman, a scientist with no patience for woo-woo. So when she encounters a dimension that cannot possibly exist, her questions are pragmatic: what does that realm want from her, and how can she help? What Kaiya doesn't realize is that she's asking these questions backwards. And that she longs to return to the realm that cannot possibly exist. 
But will she recognize it when it calls out to her again?
While not your typical ghost story, this short read will appeal to those with a soft spot for all things old---especially antique vehicles.

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A Sensitive Time

A short, sharp romantic thriller that will take your breath away. 

She lies with him in bed, holding him close. The exhaustion from all the grief finally overtook him, and he had fallen into a restless sleep. 
But something is brewing inside her, a change in chemistry. 
And soon she'll find out more than she ever wanted to know about the man she loves... 

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Call Sign: Wrecking Crew Storm Warning

This CIA Special Operations team is known by their call sign: Wrecking Crew. These former US Special Forces members realize that it is easier to fight the foreign enemies than the domestic ones.

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Call Sign: Wrecking Crew Wings of Eagles

Mac, former SEAL, and J.T., former NEST member, present a plausible terrorist attack scenario that might occur in their fair city. Despite the shock and dismay shown on their faces, the members of the Office of Emergency Management express little interest in making changes. Will they live to regret this decision?

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Chasing Dragons

In the aftermath of World War II, recently discharged Army Air Force pilot Duke Kellogg and his fledgling airline find themselves embroiled an adventure involving intrigue and missing treasure. The legend of the Golden Dragons has been debated from bar stools throughout the South Pacific for years, but most believe it to be nothing more than a good yarn.  When a mysterious woman enters the Coral Pacific offices and claims to be the fiancée of a missing courier on a secret mission carrying gold to Chiang Kai-Shek, she sets in motion a series of events involving, deception, mystery and hair… (Read the full description)

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Cherokee Spleen

When you’ve had four near-death experiences, you have to wonder who’s screwing up: you or God.
Step inside the mind of Andy Penny, underachieving 40-year old Florida trailer park resident, perpetual dead-end employee, and uninterested survivor. Revel in Andy’s existence as he uses his near-death experiences as small talk but never truly wonders why he’s still alive.
Then, watch through Andy’s inebriated eyes as he sees an episode of Cops filmed in Des Moines, Iowa. Feel the complete and total shock as Andy realizes the meth-addicted domestic abuse victim he’s watching is none… (Read the full description)

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Circle of Light

Circle of Light is a story of shadows.  Madison Sinclair has a power.  Growing inside her since childhood, it has molded her life and the lives of everyone around her.  Struggling to understand and master this force, she balances on the edge of evil.  Her intimate relationship with God is challenged by her obsession with the occult until a confrontation with a demon brings her choices sharply into focus.  Her obsession becomes a vow to use whatever gift she’s been given to fight the Dark One and discourage others from following the treacherous path of black magic.   Plagued by constant… (Read the full description)

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Death of an Idiot Boss

Have a boss you'd happily kill? Somebody beat her to it.

Corporate climber Kadence MacBride is smashing the glass ceiling with her size ten pumps, or so she thinks. Not only does she get passed over, her promotion goes to her idiot employee and he becomes her new boss. Worst day ever, or so she thinks. Worst doesn't have a floor, and idiots tend to get themselves killed.

Losing a promotion—bad. Becoming a prime murder suspect—Catastrophic.

Police Captain Cooper has hit his own glass ceiling. Solving this case quickly will break him through it, so Cooper doesn't care… (Read the full description)

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Death of an Island Tart

She wanted a reconciliation. She got a murder.

Following a breakup of 268 days, 12 hours and 23 minutes, Kadence MacBride has messed up and knows it, so she swallows her pride and makes a surprise visit to the Caribbean to try and reconcile with her boyfriend Terrence.

Unfortunately for her, Terrence has moved on and is about to get married to a hootchie-momma Barbie.

Unfortunately for him, the wedding is called because of death when his bride to be is found strangled. Instead of saying I do, the police believe Terrence did, commit the murder that is. Since suspects… (Read the full description)

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Extra Credit: Loyalty

After he admits his true role in his failed attempt to overthrow the US government, Dan Starney suddenly finds himself out of prison and on the run. The police are on his heels, but they're not alone in looking for Dan. The bonds of loyalty are stress-tested repeatedly as Dan seeks to regain control over his own future and what remains of his revolutionary army, but a shadowy organization has other plans for him.