Historical Fiction

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Fool's Gold

“For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil” (1Timothy 6:10)
“The lust for gold is a root of a whole lot more evil.” (Unknown miner, California, 1849)

Seventeen year old Thomas Schmidt loves his beer. But too much of it one night and a tragic fight at the local Gasthaus sends him fleeing from his tiny village in 1830s Germany. He is so desperate to outrun the avenger (Rudolph Stein) pursuing him that Thomas becomes an indentured servant to buy passage to America. Eventually, their misadventure leads Thomas and Rudolph to the 1849 California Gold Rush.
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Ghost Soldiers

Sometimes guns are not enough to keep a soldier alive in combat. Sometimes it takes a desperate dream.


A helicopter shrieks out of the night sky over Vietnam, crashing in enemy country, and war-battered artillery scout Waldo Daugherty and a shattered half company of infantrymen shove into murderous Viet Cong Valley to save survivors at the risk of their own lives. Each soldier slogs through the jungle adrift in a bizarre and private fantasy that he desperately hopes means survival in this place of death and terror.

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I, Richard Plantagenet: An Epic Novel of Richard III

I, Richard Plantagenet, An Epic Novel of Richard III
Complete Edition, updated and revised, containing parts 1 and 2, Tante Le Desiree and Loyaulte Me Lie.
Richard III's story, told in first person from his point of view, using, where possible, Richard's actual words (in modern English.)
From the battle of Barnet when Richard is only 18 through his marriage to Anne Neville, to unexpected kingship, betrayal by his 'friend' Buckingham...and the mystery of the vanished princes. Then it is on through the pain of the loss of his only legitimate son Edward, to the final deadly… (Read the full description)

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Moon Lord-The fall of King Arthur, the Ruin of Stonehenge

Many Sun-Turnings have passed since the Ardhu the Stone Lord inherited the kingship of Prydn. His illegitimate son Mordraed seeks his father’s hall on the Great Plain, and a place among the famed warriors of Kham-el-Ard, but his appearance brings a shadow and a doubt.

With his power waning and the land beginning to fail, Ardhu must lead his warriors on a final journey to retrieve a golden Cup, which the Maimed King of the Wasteland foretells will unite a crumbling kingdom.

Gal’havad, most trusted of Ardhu’s men, and his only legitimate heir - a sickly youth, half in… (Read the full description)

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My Fair Lady: Eleanor of Provence, Lost Queen of Henry III

Eleanor of Provence, bright, beautiful, intelligent--married as a young girl to the much older Henry III, King of England.
A marriage surprisingly happy, with the king pouring wealth upon his young wife's relatives...incurring the wrath of the Barons.
Eleanor, devoted mother, who fought the will of the monks to stay in a monastery and nurse her sick son, the future Edward I.
Eleanor, caught in court intrigue, with the powerful, disturbing Baron, Simon de Montfort, looming at every turn--friend or foe? Or what else?
Eleanor, attacked while on a barge passing under… (Read the full description)

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Stone Lord: The Era of Stonehenge Book 1

In Southern Britain, the Giants Dance stands alone on the Great Plain.

For 500 years its massive trilithons have remained unruled by any chief.

With invaders from distant lands attacking Britain’s shores to steal its precious tin, another king must be chosen—this is the Quest of the Merlin, high priest and shaman.

He brings together U’thyr Pendraec, the Terrible Head, and the beautiful Y’gerna, wife of another man, and from them a child is born…a boy who can move a sacred stone and take the ancient dagger beneath…a boy who will become High King.
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