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Double Entry

Double Entry is the story of Dana Bartlett, a single mother and hotshot CPA who is hired by her ex-boyfriend to work at a company he owns in a desperate ploy to win her and their son Roy back. Still resentful to Melvin for walking out on her and Roy twelve years prior, she sees this as an opportunity to make him pay for what he did to them.

Double Entry is the story of Melvin Lockhart, a prodigal father afraid of being rejected by his son, who introduces himself to Roy as merely a friend and mentor while he figures out the proper time to tell Roy the truth. However, Roy's… (Read the full description)

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Ferrying Riches.: Crime fiction

Gabe and Derry Thomson were twin brothers looking for a new life, in a new town, where they found themselves mixed up in the type of criminality that they’d only ever seen in films before.

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It's Christmas, Carol!

Carol hates Christmas! As far as she is concerned, it is just another Thursday, just another day at work. But during her workday, between 4 PM and midnight on Christmas Day, she is haunted by the kindness of strangers and painful memories as she ponders the true meaning of Christmas - past, present and future. 

Who is that man with the big white beard and the jolly laugh? And why does he care if Carol has a nice Christmas or not?

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Life returns: 3 fictional, short stories of reincarnation.

3 fictional, short stories of reincarnation.

Originally 2 stories, this book now has a new cover & an extra story added.