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A Shirtful of Frogs - a WWII timeslip adventure

The life of a World War Two evacuee collides with the world of a boy from the present day, in this time-travel adventure.

As World War Two breaks out, Jimmy Sweeney is evacuated from London to the country where he's bullied by the local kids and mistreated by the terrible Mrs Cribbins. One night a stranger appears in his room – a boy who brings him delicious food and other amazing things. They become friends which is good because pretty soon Jimmy is going to need a friend. His life may depend upon it...

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Angus Adams and Scream House

Angus, Hamish, and Bodhi are scouting for a movie location and the overgrown yard of the mysterious Scream House fits the bill perfectly. Yet, all is not as it seems. Angus finds himself in the middle of a nasty dispute, the adults are all acting strange, something weird is going on with his brother, and to top it all off, his new teacher hates him. Then things turn bad. In a terrifying life and death chase, Angus must run faster and smarter than ever before, to not only save himself, but the life of the small, frightened boy depending on him.

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Angus Adams and the Missing Pro Surfer

Angus thinks he’s in for a week of fun, sun, and surf, but he couldn’t be more wrong. When pro surfer, and new friend, Leo, goes missing just days out from a big title competition, Angus’s well-tuned instincts just can't let it rest. When the adults won’t listen, it’s up to him (with help from Hamish and Bodhi) to find Leo. But can he do it in time? And more important – can he do it before he goes missing himself?

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Angus Adams: the adventures of a free-range kid

As a free-range kid, Angus is allowed to do things other kids his age aren’t – like play in the street and hang out at the park without adults (shock, horror!) But when he’s accused of stealing an iPhone from school, Angus must use all of his brains, resilience, and courage to catch the real thief, clear his name, and outwit the seriously bad dudes hot on his tail!

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Animal Detective: Henry the Bobcat’s Disappearance

Follow Detective Frank in another episode of Animal Detective.

Henry The Bobcat was taken from the San Diego Zoo last night!

Walk through all the exhibits questioning each of the zookeepers about there whereabouts, find clues and hunches along the way from surprise witnesses and slowly discover who took him and why!


Follow along as Detective Frank solves yet another case.… (Read the full description)

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B or How the Bogeyman Didn't Save Christmas

Christmas is steamrolling Halloween! And Thanksgiving. And New Years. And even the Fourth of July (Christmas in July anyone?) The holidays are getting angry. Then Santa really makes trouble and not even Mrs. Claus can help him. It’s up to the Bogeyman to save the right jolly old elf, three innocent families, and Christmas itself in his own fantastic way. Or, y’know, not…

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BELLYACHE: A Delicious Tale

BELLYACHE: A Delicious Tale Awards & Honors:

~2013 B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree
~2012 USA BEST BOOK AWARDS Award-Winning Finalist in both categories of Children's Fiction & Children's Book Series
~2011 READERS FAVORITE Silver Award in its category
~2010 Nominated for the CYBILS Awards

5 Star Review- The author is talented and imaginative. This is a delightful tale sure to please elementary age students. I eagerly await the next offering by this author. -Readers Favorite
5 Star Review- Crystal Marcos provides a moving tale to help us… (Read the full description)

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Bex Carter 1: Aunt Jeanie's Revenge

Book 1 of the Bex Carter Series:

Thirteen-year-old Bex Carter has a lot on her plate. Her biggest challenge is living with her Aunt Jeanie. As much as Bex tries to please her aunt, they always seem to butt heads. Sometimes Bex feels as if Aunt Jeanie goes out of her way to make her life miserable. Aunt Jeanie enrolls Bex in a social group called the Silver Roses, a group that's supposed to teach young girls how to be proper ladies, however it turns out to be nothing more than a club for snobs. Bex wants out, but she's made a deal with Aunt Jeanie. Will Bex take a stand… (Read the full description)

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Bex Carter 2: All's Fair in Love and Math



Book Two of the Bex Carter Series:
Has Bex found true love? Bex Carter has fallen in love for the first time. Her new math tutor is absolutely perfect. Of course, when Bex is concerned, nothing seems to go right. Her friends think she's totally lost her mind over this boy, but the worst part is that Ava G. also has her sights on Bex's perfect guy. Anyone who knows Ava knows that she always gets what she wants. Will Bex's first shot at true love be a hit or will Ava ruin Bex's love life? Ages 9 and up

Bex Carter #1 is available for free!

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Bex Carter 3: Winter Blunderland

Book Three of the Bex Carter Series:

Will Bex survive this family vacation? Bex Carter and her family are spending winter vacation at a fancy ski lodge. Unfortunately, Bex isn't that excited about it. Aunt Jeanie has scheduled every minute of their vacation with activities which include Christmas Carol Karaoke, building gingerbread houses, and a visit to Santa. Being thirteen, Bex has no interest in such childish activities, so she's thrilled when she comes across other teenagers at the ski lodge. These kids really know how to have fun. Bex is having a great time with them… (Read the full description)